What is an Acid Attack? It is the deliberate use of acid to attack another human being.

Who are the victims of Acid Attacks? The victims are overwhelmingly women and children.

Where do these Attackers target? Attackers often target the head and face in order to maim, disfigure and blind.

Where are these tragedies taking place? Acid attacks are prevalent in many countries, including India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Uganda and Cambodia, amongst others.


Once upon a time ago, I found myself being pulled into a coffee shop in Aggra, India.

You know those places that jump at you, tempting you to come in and take a look. It was in that moment I was inspired to support these women who go invisible, hiding from the world, lost in despair.

Each year hundreds of women are victims of acid attacks. Their scars are the fruit of hate crimes, jealousy crimes, settlements of family disputes and the aftertaste of a bittersweet rejection.


On average, the BBC claims that 1500 attacks are reported worldwide every year. We believe the actual numbers are far greater than these.

Some perhaps go unreported or are disregarded by the authorities. In India alone about 410 attacks are estimated to happen every month.

The Department for International Development in the UK reported that between 2007 and 2012 there were a total of 786 incidents of acid attacks in Pakistan alone.


The Impact

The acid causes the skin tissue to dissolve, which results in the bones becoming exposed beneath the flesh; at times it can even melt the bone.

When acid comes into contact with the eyes, it can permanently damage these organs. Many acid attack victims may have survived, but by paying the price of losing one or both eyes.

The victims are traumatised physically, socially and psychologically.

Recovering from the trauma of an attack takes time, countless surgeries, and even more time is needed for the victims to adjust to their disfigurements.

They often become isolated and ostracised in society; the scars left by the acid going beyond just the skin.

Behind the Scars

This further damages the victims’ self-esteem, self-confidence and seriously undermines their professional and personal future.

Women who have survived acid attacks suffer in their attempts to live and function in normal society.

They have great difficulty in finding partners, if unmarried, and finding work or sustaining a career.

Their children are often taken away from them, as was the story with one victim in the Saving Face documentary.

Not being able to marry or adjust to a normal life which existed prior to the attack can be socially isolating.

Many consider suicide as a way out of the pain that comes from such deep wounds.

The Mission

“I survived the attack, didn’t I? How can I ever be a victim?” she said, adding, she feels more beautiful now than ever, as her perception of beauty has changed.

And this is the message she wants to share with the world:

“Make your heart beautiful. Beauty it not just about how you look,” Reshma Qureshi said.

That is our sole purpose at ACID LOVE. To awaken this kind of resiliency. To remind these women of their inner beauty, their unwavering dignity, and how much support they have behind them.

That is something no one will ever be able to take away from them..

their dignity.


A Calling

Hey lovers! My name is Michelle Jeovanny and my story may not bare the scars of an Acid Attack, but my soul understands firsthand the pain and suffering that comes with domestic violence.

Witnessing my mother go through very extreme physical and emotional abuse in a third world country created a deep desire to help women and children rise about their stories of fear by awakening vision, purpose and most importantly self love.

Visionary & Innovator

As an entrepreneur and thought leader in transformation, I wear many hats. My strengths are in creating empowering content, in coaching, speaking, writing, filmmaking, spirituality, business, marketing… Immediately I thought to myself what could I create to support these women in healing and reminding them of their sacred dignity?

Acid Love was born as a concept to create a means for living for these women who must abandon everything to find purpose, healing and forgiveness. To connect communities inspired to honor women as the life givers and soil of the world we are creating together.

A Revolution Maker

The greatest revolution begins with one’s own awakening. A revolution maker is one who’s light awakens others, inspiring others to live a life of purpose and service. And together our light permeates the darkest shadows. Let us be that light for one another. We are one in that Light.


Honoring all Women

Women are the soil.. the queens chosen as life givers. When women are in pain the entire household suffers.

When women are empowered, children are empowered, households and communities thrive.

When one candle light burns, an entire space is illuminated. Let us be that light for one another.

Making a Difference

About 400 acid attacks happen every month in India alone. Thousands go unreported.

Make a difference by submitting a video of your story of abuse and how you overcame it to offer words of inspiration and encouragement to these brave women.

Send your video to

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